Strengthening the management of Bouba Njida National Park

Strengthening the management of Bouba Ndjida National Park

Ed Selfe
Grantee Wildlife Conservation Society
Type Protected Area Management
Location Cameroon
Grant Amount $350,000
Duration 3 years

Bouba Ndjida contains a population of perhaps 80 lions, which in the context of Cameroon, where there are perhaps 270 lions in total, is significant. WCS are working in a partnership with the Cameroonian government to manage the park and to help tackle threats such as bushmeat poaching, targeted poaching of cats for their body parts and illegal livestock incursions. In 2020, LRF provided WCS with a grant of $350,000 over three years to help strengthen these management efforts and also to introduce standardized monitoring of lion numbers to assess the effectiveness of management efforts and to enable more adaptive management.