Securing lion populations in the Boma-Badingilo Landscape in South Sudan

Securing lion populations in the Boma-Bandingilo Landscape in South Sudan

WCS South Sudan
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Grantee Wildlife Conservation Society
Type Protected Area Management
Location South Sudan
Grant Amount $451,995
Duration 4.5 years

South Sudan still contains significant lion populations but receives very little conservation attention due to the ongoing civil war. The country is still home to one of the largest terrestrial mammalian migrations (involving >1 million white eared kob), though populations of sedentary wildlife have taken a hammering in recent years from bushmeat poachers. WCS have requested funding from the LRF for their work in Boma and Bandingilo nationals parks. The request is for: a) supporting and strengthening law enforcement to tackle poaching, via the provision of technical and operational support to the wildlife authorities, supporting intelligence networks and supporting the wildlife crime unit in Juba to help with prosecutions. b) building public and political support for lion conservation through systematic engagement with local, regional and national stakeholders. A second grant was issued to WCS in South Sudan in 2020, focussed this time on supporting law enforcement, tackling human lion conflict and monitoring lions in Boma National Park