Protecting vulnerable habitat within the Lower Zambezi Valley through collaboration

The Zambezi Society
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Grantee The Zambezi Society
Type Protected Area Management
Location Charara Safari Area, Zimbabwe
Grant Amount $150,000
Duration 2 years

The lower Zambezi Valley constitutes >19,000 square miles of wilderness, spanning Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique. The proposed project represents one component of a multi-pronged, collaborative project involving multiple partners. The Zambezi Society component aims to secure the Charara Safari area, an area that’s been depleted of wildlife. The other components involve a community-conservation project to secure the corridor between Matusadona National Park and the Lower Zambezi Valley, and a lion project designed to identify and tackle the threats specific to lions. If this project is successful, it will ensure connectivity between Matusadona and Lower Zambezi, will rehabilitate 617 square miles of prime habitat by tackling bushmeat poaching and other threats (thus allowing lions to increase in number) and also has significant potential to allow for the creation of a second major tourism hub in Zimbabwe, due to its proximity to Lake Kariba and due to the presence of an international airport in Kariba town. The LRF grant will allow for strategic support to the efforts of the Zimbabwe parks authority to undertake anti-poaching law enforcement in Charara Safari Area.