Enhancing local governance to help communities and wildlife thrive in northern Tanzania

Grantee Honeyguide
Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
Location Makame WMA, Tanzania
Grant Amount $153,000
Duration 2 years

Makame Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in northern Tanzania comprises 1,400 square miles of community land, with significant wildlife populations including a small population of lions. The area has enormous conservation potential but could benefit from strong governance. An LRF grant to Honeyguide is helping build the local governance and management systems and improve law enforcement to help create an area where people and lions thrive long term. The idea is to build capacity of the community governance and management of the area such that it can become self-sustaining in future (which is a distinct possibility due to the potential to derive revenue through the sale of carbon credits).

Update: In late 2019, a second grant of $10,000 was provided to Honey Guide to cover a shortfall in salaries for village game scouts.