Disney & the Lion Recovery Fund

Disney & the Lion Recovery Fund

Twenty-five years ago, Disney first released its epic film, The Lion King, and the world fell in love with its story of adventure, friendship, and family on the African savanna. Since that time, Africa has lost half of its lions. 

In July 2019, Disney released a brand new, groundbreaking The Lion King—and teamed up with the Lion Recovery Fund and its partners to help bring back lions in the wild. Through this collaboration, Disney and the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund encouraged audiences to “Protect the Pride,” urging fans and wildlife lovers around the world to participate in the conservation of lions and their habitats and help local people who live alongside lions.

The Disney Conservation Fund has been a recognized leader in conservation efforts for decades and has worked with Wildlife Conservation Network for over 15 years. Building on Disney’s previous $75M investment in global conservation efforts since 1995, this combined effort around The Lion King has been the biggest single-species wildlife conservation initiative in Disney’s history. 

Disney is an unparalleled storyteller with the power to inspire millions of people around the world. Connecting one of their most universally beloved stories—The Lion King—to lion conservation efforts is helping sound the alarm that the lion population is declining and mobilize people to help protect lions throughout Africa.

How you can Protect the Pride:

Learn more
Explore The Lion King "Protect the Pride" website

Empower the next generation of lion advocates by downloading The Lion King activity packet for kids

Spread the word
Join the conversation and raise awareness of the crisis facing lions with the hashtags #TheLionKing #ProtectThePride

Donate to the Lion Recovery Fund to protect lions