Declarations to Recover Lions

Declarations to Recover Lions

Declarations to Recover Lions

We agree lions are in crisis and half the lions have been lost in the past 25 years with as few as 20,000 remaining in Africa. Our shared commitment is to ensure that both wild lions and the African people who live with them thrive.

We recognize that the Presidents and leaders of the African countries, and the communities who live with lions, are the custodians of African lions for the world.  

We recognize that lions are national and global treasures.

We know that recovering lion populations is possible.

We will work to: 

Stop the Loss – We must protect lions, their prey and their landscapes. 

Reduce the Cost – We must reduce the burden on people living with lions in Africa.

Unlock the Value – We must recognize and magnify the cultural, economic and ecological benefits lions and their landscapes bring to communities, national economies and the global community.

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These declarations were created at the 2019 Lion Footprint Forum and have been adopted by the following organizations: